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A System That Could Explode Your Business

As is the story for many people, I got involved with Network Marketing quite a while ago but struggled to actually earn any decent money. Things are a little different now though, about 10 months ago, I stumbled across an mlm marketing system which was a game changer for me and my business. Now I get over 40 leads per day coming into my business and I'm earning affiliate commissions almost daily and recruiting into my main business on a weekly basis.

Want that sort of success in your business? Well there is no reason you cannot have it!

There's a growing number of folks using online methods to grow their mlm business. The old school methods of mlm marketing do work in a limited way, but cannot match the leverage and scope that the net offers us as network marketers. Just to make a point clear, by a system, I do not mean the website that I got when I enrolled with my mlm company. It can be a useful tool but it has a major flaw in that it is not unique in any way

You must bear in mind that there are probably thousands of other distributors in your company who are also trying to market their business online. If you will be part of the cream that rises to the top then there is something very important that you need, uniqueness. How are you going to achieve this, well you can begin by promoting yourself instead of your company or opportunity.

A good mlm system will work on the basis of attraction marketing which was first introduced to the internet by Mike Dillard, you position yourself as someone of incredible value to your potential prospects. You stand out from the crowd. Prospects perceive this value and guess what? They want what you have to offer.

So here is how a good system will work. The two things most needed by mlm marketers you will offer, these are the tools and training to become top earners. People will visit your squeeze page or opt in page and they will see your offer, maybe you will have put a video presentation there or perhaps just some text. In exchange for the information you promise, people will give you their name & email. They then become your prospect.

The prospect will then be directed to further video presentations (hopefully) and they will also receive what you promised to deliver to them. The system will the follow up with them via email for the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months or whatever timeframe you want. They will probably receive emails from you once or twice a week, maybe more.

During the follow-up period your leads will be offered products to buy and maybe even a membership of the system itself. Anything recommended through your system ought to be of great value and highly useful.

The purpose of a funded proposal or system is to position you as someone of expert status, your prospects are getting all this great information from you (which is already pre-built into your system) and they are really seeing you as an expert, which builds trust and credibility

You might find some of your leads contacting you to ask what business you are involved with, but either way when it comes to pitching your primary opportunity they are going to be already 'pre-sold' on you. I'm sure by now you can see the potential that such a system can offer you in your network marketing or direct sales business.

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