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Find Your Next Job Using Social Media

Social Media MarketingSocial media is naturally random. That is why you, your friends, colleagues and relatives might find yourselves tweeting nothing in particular, posting memes on Facebook and endorsing all imaginable skills of your LinkedIn contacts. There is nothing wrong with all that. However, if you want to utilize social media to get a job, it is better to be more
purposeful. Here are some steps you should take.
Target Your Search
Having a Facebook post stating that you want a job will not help you. That will be vague and you will be picking the wrong channel to make such a request. Instead of utilizing Facebook, which calls attention to friends, it is better to center your job search on LinkedIn, which is solely professional and the social media channel of choice for professions like accounting, engineering, mining and business sales. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, create one and ensure to optimize it.
Then utilize the site fully by connecting with contacts. You will be asked to connect to your Facebook and email accounts to go with any of your friends that are also on LinkedIn. Actually, this is the key to succeeding in LinkedIn: transitioning helpful contacts from your fun social networks into your professional circles.
Generate a Google+ profile and plan it in the same fashion. It is only after using these 2 professional sources that you should direct your job searching efforts to Twitter and Facebook.

Personalize Your Message
Simply having profiles on various social networks is inadequate to get a job. You have to vigilantly craft the messages you are sending. Blasting generic messages will not help you a bit. You will be speaking to no one in particular and misusing your time. The best way is to list down the people with contacts, knowledge and experience in the industry you are interested in. You could search keywords in Google+ or LinkedIn for positions or industries. After getting a list of contacts and prospects, you can have your message targeted to this group.
Instead of sending excessively generic messages, skill targeted outreaches to people who can assist you the most. Statuses on Facebook are almost valueless due to their broad scope. Instead, send intimate messages to your contacts, introducing yourself and giving a brief explanation of your interest in their industry.
Mind Your Online Manners
Note that if social networking succeeds, you might actually end up meeting those you are interacting with in person. Therefore, keep all your correspondences courteous and professional.
Mind Your Online Manners
Be very careful, especially when using more intimate platforms like Twitter or Facebook where you might have information or photos that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see. Do not write anything you would not say to somebody’s face. When explaining your work, select businesslike descriptions like ‘creative thinker’, seizes initiative’ and ‘goal-oriented’. Utilize a professional looking profile photo on Google+ and LinkedIn.
Anticipate the Next Step
Remember, social media is only a way of engaging potential employers. You still require a resume in digital and printed format and should utilise recruitment agencies. And if you are lucky enough to get an interview, ensure you research the company’s structure, history, products and services in advance. This will make you more prepared, hence more confident.
Michael is a consultant for a company that specialises in mining jobs in Perth. He is also a keen blogger and interested in social media and the start-up scene. 
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